Ecooking – food for your skin

An innovative Danish organic skin care series, developed by Tina Søgaard whose personal change of life led to the start of the brand.

Ecooking is a series of skin, hair, and body care products – developed, manufactured, and originally hand filled in Denmark at a small factory. Made with care for you and the environment. Pure organic and natural oils, multiple vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and free from parabens.

Ecooking is developed by Tina Søgaard whose personal change of life led to the start of the brand. With many years’ experience in the industry, Tina was familiar with the kinds of ingredient that can be used to boost the skin.  After a difficult period in her life, she decided literally to take matters into my own hands. Tina brought raw ingredients home from the laboratory and started to mix creams, serums and oils on her kitchen table. Every other day, she mixed a new batch, which she kept in the refrigerator. In just a short space of time, Tina saw the first visibleresults on her skin. The results were so palpable that her home-mixed products quickly became popular with family and friends who received them in repurposed bottles and jam jars.

Helping others with their skin problems was sheer therapy for Tina, and she never set out to develop the products in order to sell them. But the rumour of their efficacy spread and suddenly beauticians and retailers started to approach her. The need and wish to help even more people was born. That is how Ecooking started – a Danish skincare range that is rich on organic and natural ingredients and does not compromise on effect. Ecooking is based on honesty and transparency, which is why all labels show precisely what the products contain.

Everyone deserves to experience the feeling of well being produced by healthy and well-cared-for skin. As many people as possible deserve access to good and nourishing skincare products. That is what Ecooking believe in. The products are therefore affordably priced. Some of the products can be used by the entire family, and some are so pure that they are actually edible. ”Ecooking is a small team with big ambitions”

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