What About Us

What About Us is design for you who have the courage! The small detail, the huge difference – according to designer Rasmus Larsen.

What About Us is a design universe with its own recognizable style designed by Rasmus Larsson. Focus is set on modern designs in a universe of colors and materials.

Humor is an important ingredient in this design line together with untraditional use of materials and colors. The products are to supplement the style and create contrast in the home – and it is OK, if you get a little smile on your lips! The basic message is that everybody should be able to afford fantastic design delivered by top professional designers.

How to buy What About Us articles:

One main collection, which will be adjusted each season with new MUST-HAVES items.

We aim at having all catalogue items on stock within the season and add new fantastic design articles every season.

BAHNE & CO: Karen Blixens Vej 4, DK-7100 Vejle,  info@bahneandco.dk – or +45 75835909