The story of Margit Brandt

Ever since the 1960’ies, Margit Brandt has been loved for her designs. She was an icon in both Denmark and abroad.

Margit Brandt’s first fashion collection was presented in 1965. It was a huge success with clothes for the youth – new and visionary. Only a few years later, the clothes were sold internationally, and Margit Brandt began to design for other international fashion houses and chain stores.

Besides the fashion activity, Margit and Erik Brandt started to design other lifestyle products as skin care, perfume, nail polish, jewellery, watches, glasses, and home accessories.

Margit Brandt once said in an interview, “I love that also everyday products are designed in a way that is different from the grey everyday life”. This sentence characterizes the common thread in her design – that the individual thing besides being functional must also be chic, beautifying, and special.

At the same time, she had the ability to create products, which at one time are both timeless, ultra-modern, classic, and trend making. During her career, she received great recognition and many prizes and consequently an audience, who still loves her designs.

The Margit Brandt products are still equal to quality, elegance, and style!

Together with Erik Brandt, effort is constantly made on developing new Margit Brandt designs.
A treasure chest of designs serving as continuous inspiration.

How to buy Margit Brandt articles:

One main collection, which will be adjusted each season with new MUST-HAVE items.

We aim at having all catalogue items on stock within the season.

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