The Bahne brand

Bahne is an attractive brand of interior designs. The collection is always in tune with current trends and will fit in every room.

KITCHEN and TABLETOP – For food lovers! Spending time in the kitchen is much more fun with the right products and a cozy atmosphere. Find your favorite product among our wide range of kitchen accessories – cutting boards, bamboo melamine, jars, etc. Tableware defines the setting of a table and the look you want to create. Rustic colored stoneware mixed with grey drinking glasses or tableware with décor and fine glasses. You can set the table exactly as you wish. We aim to stock our main items to ensure availability for collection at all times.

WELLNESS and BATH – Self-indulgence is always a keyword. Time, beauty, wellness, and relaxation give pleasure and a little luxury in your everyday life. You will find a wide collection of scented candles and diffusers, hand lotion, hand soap, aroma oils, and a lot of decorative accessories for your bathroom including a wide collection of hand towels.

LIVING – Each season we work with different themes according to the seasonal trends. Modern luxury in trays, pictures, decoration glass, urban living with plants, organic shapes in vases, candlelight holders, LED signs, new vintage vases, goples, flower pots, gallery and metal signs, lanterns, frames, cards, etc.

CUSHIONS, TEXTILES and RUGS – A cushion makes the difference. Textiles are very important in today’s trend, and we strive at finding the right cushions and rugs for you. Velvet Tibetan lambskins, mohair, wool, and linen – all qualities in our collection.

Bahne offers two collections each year, which gives you the possibility to buy items for the next season with the following benefits:

  • To plan 6 months in advance on both our main and seasonal collections.
  • To work with attractive margins – and get promotional items.

How to buy Bahne articles:

(summer / winter)
(mainly Christmas and other campaign products)

We aim at having all catalogue items on stock within the season – especially including our kitchen, tabletop and wellness articles.

BAHNE & CO: Karen Blixens Vej 4, DK-7100 Vejle, – or +45 75835909